Alocasia Red Secret Care: The Must-Have Plant for Every Indoor Garden

alocasia red secret care

🌿 Hey plant enthusiasts! Looking to add a touch of vibrant beauty to your indoor space? Look no further than the stunning Alocasia Red Secret! 🌱✨ With its captivating red leaves and unique features, this houseplant is sure to grab your attention and become the star of your collection.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the fascinating world of the Alocasia Red Secret. Discover its origin, learn how to care for it, fend off pesky pests, and much more! 🌺🪴 So, keep reading to uncover the secrets of this gorgeous plant and don’t forget to share the knowledge with your fellow plant lovers if you find it useful! 🌿💚

Main Takeaways: Key Points

  • Origin: Native to the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia, the Alocasia Red Secret is known for its striking beauty and unique, colorful foliage.
  • Care: This plant thrives in a well-lit environment but should be protected from direct sun exposure. It prefers moist but well-drained soil and high humidity.
  • Watering: Overwatering is a common problem; wait until the top layer of soil is dry before watering.
  • Pest Control: Keep an eye out for common pests such as spider mites or aphids. Regularly cleaning the leaves can help prevent infestations.
  • Propagation: The Alocasia Red Secret can be propagated through division, ideally during the repotting process in the spring.
  • Toxicity: Be cautious around pets and small children; this plant is toxic if ingested.

Remember, every plant is unique and may require different care techniques. Observe your Alocasia Red Secret closely to understand its specific needs. Happy gardening! 🌱🌿

What is Alocasia Red Secret?

alocasia red secret

The Alocasia ‘Red Secret’, also known as Alocasia cuprea, is a sought-after ornamental houseplant. Renowned for its mesmerizing copper-red leaves that shimmer with an almost metallic sheen, it’s a plant that can undoubtedly add a pop of color to your indoor plant collection.

Originating from the tropical rainforests in Asia, these plants have a unique, almost alien-like appearance that sets them apart. With the right care, Alocasia ‘Red Secret’ can serve as a stunning focal point in your home, catching the eye with its unmissable hue.

Origin and History

The alocasia red secret is native to Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysia and Borneo. It belongs to the Araceae family, which includes other well-known plants like the philodendron and anthurium. This plant thrives in tropical rainforests, where it enjoys high humidity and indirect light.

Common Name

The common name for alocasia red secret is “red secret alocasia”. This name perfectly describes the alluring red color of its leaves, which adds a sense of mystery to this plant.

Scientific Name

The scientific name for alocasia red secret is Alocasia cuprea. This name refers to the characteristic coppery sheen on its leaves, which enhances its overall beauty.


Alocasia red secret offers numerous benefits as a houseplant. It not only serves as a stunning decor piece but also contributes to a healthier indoor environment. Here are some benefits of having this plant:

  1. Air purification: Alocasia red secret filters harmful toxins from the air, improving air quality in your home.
  2. Stress reduction: Research has shown that spending time around plants can help reduce stress levels and improve overall mental well-being.
  3. Aesthetically pleasing: Its vibrant red leaves and unique shape add an element of sophistication and beauty to any space.

Appearance and Characteristics

The alocasia red secret is known for its striking appearance, making it a desirable addition to any plant collection. Here are some key characteristics of this plant:

  • Leaf color: The leaves of alocasia red secret are a deep, glossy red, which stands out among other houseplants.
  • Leaf shape: The leaves are heart-shaped and have a prominent venation pattern, adding to the plant’s appeal.
  • Leaf texture: The leaves have a velvety texture, giving them a luxurious feel.
  • Plant size: A mature alocasia red secret can reach a height of around 2 feet (60 cm) and may spread up to 1.5 feet (45 cm).

Unique Features

The alocasia red secret possesses several unique features that set it apart from other houseplants. Let’s explore some of these distinctive characteristics:

  1. Jewel-like leaves: The red color of the leaves is reminiscent of precious gemstones, making it a standout plant in any collection.
  2. Coppery sheen: The leaves exhibit a beautiful coppery sheen, which adds to their allure and elegance.
  3. Petiole color: The petioles, or leaf stems, of alocasia red secret are a striking shade of deep maroon, complementing the red leaves perfectly.
  4. Compact size: This plant is relatively compact compared to other alocasia varieties, making it ideal for smaller spaces such as apartments or offices.

Alocasia Red Secret Caring And Growing Guide

alocasia red secret

Proper care and attention are crucial for the healthy growth of alocasia red secret. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to care for and grow this remarkable plant:

Light and Temperature

Alocasia red secret thrives in bright, indirect light. It prefers a well-lit location without direct sunlight, as intense sunlight can damage its leaves. Regarding temperature, this plant enjoys warm and humid conditions, ideally between 65°F to 80°F (18°C to 26°C).

Watering and Humidity

Keeping the soil consistently moist is essential for alocasia red secret. However, be cautious not to overwater, as this can lead to root rot. As a general rule, water the plant when the top inch (2.5 cm) of soil feels dry. Additionally, misting the leaves regularly will help maintain the required humidity level.

Soil and Fertilization

A well-draining potting mix rich in organic matter is crucial for alocasia red secret. A mix of peat moss, perlite, and compost works well. Fertilize the plant every two weeks during the growing season with a balanced liquid fertilizer to provide it with essential nutrients.

Propagation Guide

Propagation of alocasia red secret can be done through division or stem cuttings. Here’s how to propagate this plant:

  1. Division: Carefully remove the plant from its container and separate the rhizomes, ensuring each division has at least one healthy stem and root system. Plant the divisions in separate pots with well-draining soil and provide the same care as mature plants.
  2. Stem cuttings: Select a healthy stem from the mother plant and cut it just below a node. Plant the cutting in a pot with damp soil and provide appropriate care. Rooting hormones can be used to enhance the chances of successful propagation.

Pruning Guide for Alocasia Red Secret

Why Pruning is Important

Pruning plays a vital role in maintaining the shape and size of your Alocasia Red Secret plant. It helps in removing any yellow or brown leaves by cutting them close to the base. Additionally, if the plant becomes too tall or leggy, pruning can help promote bushier growth.

Tools Needed

To ensure proper pruning, it is recommended to use clean and sharp pruning shears. This helps prevent any damage or infection to the plant.

Removing Yellow or Brown Leaves

Inspect your Alocasia Red Secret regularly and identify any yellow or brown leaves. These leaves can be removed by cutting them as close to the base as possible. This helps maintain the overall health and appearance of the plant.

Encouraging Bushier Growth

If your Alocasia Red Secret starts growing too tall or becomes leggy, pruning can be used to encourage bushier growth. By selectively pruning the stems or branches, you can redirect the plant’s energy to promote fuller and more compact growth.

Remember, regular pruning and maintenance are crucial to keep your Alocasia Red Secret in its best shape.

Repotting Guide

Why Repotting is Necessary

As the alocasia red secret grows, its root system expands and requires more space. Repotting is essential to ensure the plant’s healthy growth and development.

When to Repot

Repotting is typically recommended every two years in the spring. This allows the plant to adjust to its new environment and promotes optimal growth.

Choosing the Right Pot

Select a pot that is slightly larger than the current one. This will provide ample room for the expanding root system while avoiding excessive space that can lead to waterlogging.

Repotting Process

  1. Gently remove the plant from its current container, being careful not to damage the roots.
  2. Place the plant in the new pot, ensuring it is centered and at an appropriate depth.
  3. Fill the pot with fresh potting mix, leaving enough space for watering.
  4. Press the soil gently around the plant to secure it in place.
  5. Water the plant thoroughly after repotting to help settle the soil and hydrate the roots.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure the alocasia red secret thrives in its new pot, providing you with a beautiful and healthy plant.

Common Pests And Diseases

alocasia red secret

While alocasia red secret is generally a resilient plant, it can still be susceptible to certain pests and diseases. Being aware of these common issues will help you take the necessary precautions and ensure the health of your plant.


  1. Spider mites: These tiny pests suck the sap from the leaves and can cause yellowing and wilting. Regularly check the undersides of the leaves for signs of spider mite infestation.
  2. Mealybugs: Mealybugs appear as small, cotton-like clusters on the leaves and stems. They can weaken the plant by sucking its sap. Use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove them manually or use organic insecticidal soap.
  3. Aphids: Aphids are small insects that feed on the sap of plants, causing leaf curling and deformation. Use a strong jet of water or insecticidal soap to control aphids.


  1. Root rot: Overwatering or poorly draining soil can lead to root rot. Fungal infections can cause the roots to become mushy and decaying. To prevent this, ensure proper watering practices and use a well-draining potting mix.
  2. Leaf spot: Leaf spot is a fungal disease that causes brown or black spots on the leaves. Remove infected leaves and provide better air circulation to prevent the spread of the disease.

Alocasia Cuprea vs Red Secret

Alocasia cuprea and alocasia red secret are often compared due to their similar appearance. While both have stunning red leaves, there are subtle differences between the two:

  • Leaf color: Alocasia cuprea has leaves that range from metallic purple to bronze, whereas alocasia red secret showcases deep red hues.
  • Leaf shape: Alocasia cuprea leaves are more elongated and lance-shaped compared to the heart-shaped leaves of alocasia red secret.
  • Habits: Alocasia cuprea tends to have a more upright growth habit, while alocasia red secret has a slightly more compact and clumping growth habit.

Alocasia Red Secret for Sale

Where to Buy Alocasia Red Secret

Alocasia red secret can be found for purchase at various plant nurseries, both online and offline. Here are some popular options:

  1. Online Nurseries: Explore reputable online plant nurseries such as Plantify, The Sill, and Bloomscape. They offer a wide range of Alocasia red secret plants with convenient delivery options.
  2. Local Plant Stores: Visit your local plant stores and garden centers. They often carry Alocasia red secret and provide expert guidance on plant care.

Choosing a Healthy Plant

When purchasing an Alocasia red secret, it’s important to select a healthy plant to ensure its long-term growth and beauty. Consider the following factors:

  1. Vibrant Leaves: Look for plants with lush, vibrant leaves. Avoid those with yellowing or brown spots, as it may indicate poor health.
  2. Well-Developed Roots: Check the root system of the plant. Healthy Alocasia red secret plants should have well-developed, firm roots.

Buying from Reputable Sellers

To ensure the quality and authenticity of your Alocasia red secret plant, it is recommended to buy from reputable sellers. Look for sellers with positive reviews and ratings. Additionally, consider purchasing from nurseries that offer plant guarantees or warranties.

By following these tips, you can find and bring home a healthy and beautiful Alocasia red secret plant to add a touch of elegance to your indoor or outdoor space.

Alocasia Red Secret Price

The price of Alocasia Red Secret can vary based on several factors, including size, availability, and location. Here is a breakdown of these factors and what to expect when purchasing Alocasia Red Secret:


The size of the plant can significantly influence its price. Smaller plants or cuttings are generally more affordable, making them a great option for beginners or those on a budget. These smaller plants are perfect for starting your collection or adding to your indoor garden.


The availability of Alocasia Red Secret can also impact its price. If the plant is rare or in high demand, it may be harder to find and therefore more expensive. Conversely, if the plant is readily available in nurseries or online stores, it may be more affordable.


The price of Alocasia Red Secret can vary depending on your location. Factors such as local demand, shipping costs, and regional market trends can influence the price. It’s worth checking local nurseries or online platforms specific to your area to get an idea of the average price range.

Overall, the price range for Alocasia Red Secret can vary from $20 to $100, depending on the size, availability, and location. It’s important to consider these factors when purchasing the plant to ensure it fits your budget and gardening goals.

Is Alocasia Red Secret Rare?

Alocasia red secret is considered a rare and sought-after plant due to its striking appearance. While it may not be as common as some other alocasia varieties, its popularity has increased in recent years. However, keep in mind that availability may vary depending on your location and the current demand for this plant.

Is Alocasia Red Secret Toxic?

Yes, it is important to note that alocasia red secret is toxic to humans and pets if ingested. It contains calcium oxalate crystals, which can cause irritation and discomfort. It is recommended to keep this plant out of the reach of children and pets to prevent any accidental ingestion.

Alocasia Red Secret Drooping

If you notice that your alocasia red secret leaves are drooping, it could be an indication of various issues:

  1. Underwatering: Lack of water can cause the leaves to droop. Ensure you are providing enough water, especially during hot and dry periods.
  2. Overwatering: On the other hand, overwatering can lead to root rot, causing the plant to wilt and the leaves to droop. Adjust your watering practices accordingly.
  3. Environmental stress: Factors such as temperature fluctuations, inadequate light, or low humidity can stress the plant, leading to drooping leaves. Ensure the plant is placed in suitable conditions.
  4. Pests or diseases: Check for signs of pests or diseases, as they can affect the overall health of the plant and cause drooping leaves. Take appropriate actions to address any issues.

Alocasia Red Secret for Sale in United States

If you are located in the United States and looking to purchase alocasia red secret, several online plant nurseries offer shipping throughout the country.

Some popular options include Etsy, The Sill, and Bloomscape. Additionally, local plant shops and garden centers may also carry this plant. It is always best to check availability and shipping options with the sellers before making a purchase.

Red Secret Alocasia Flower

While alocasia red secret does produce flowers, they are not its main characteristic. The flowers of this plant are small, inconspicuous, and often hidden under the foliage. Most people grow alocasia red secret for the beauty of its leaves rather than its flowers.


In conclusion, the alocasia red secret is truly a mesmerizing houseplant that adds elegance and mystery to any space. With proper care, this plant will thrive, rewarding you with vibrant red leaves and unique features. Whether you’re a seasoned plant enthusiast or just starting your green journey, the alocasia red secret is bound to captivate your heart and make a stunning addition to your plant collection.

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These guides offer valuable insights into care, handling, and growth for a thriving plant. Happy reading!

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